Important Factors To Consider When Hiring For Transformer Field Repairs

If your transformer is in need of maintenance or repair, you may be looking to hire a transformer field repair service. A field repair service comes to your transformer and makes repairs on-site, helping to get the transformer back up and operational. Many people are under the impression that every transformer field repair service is the same, or other similar services. However, there are differences among various companies. Here are a few of the key factors you should consider when hiring for transformer field repairs.

If They Offer 24 Hour or Emergency Services

One of the factors to consider is whether the transformer repair company offers 24 hour services or emergency services. You want to find a company that can help you when you most need it, which may be outside of normal business hours. Not every company offers 24 hour or emergency services, so try to find one that does.

What Types of Oil Testing Capabilities They Offer

Problems with the oil can lead to numerous problems with the power transformer. As such, testing the oil is a place where many field repairers start. Various companies have different capabilities when it comes to testing the oil, including testing for water in the oil, looking for metal shavings or wear metals in the oil and offering gas in oil analysis.

What Types of Field Repairs They Can Perform

Not every power transformer field repair company offers the same field repairs. Some of the different repairs that may be offered include the installation of radiators or bushings, acceptance testing, checking and replacing gaskets, cleaning contacts, and retro-filling services. Ask a transformer field repairs company what services they can perform and if they perform the services you suspect your transformer may need.

If They Have Immediate Access to the Repair Parts You May Need

Lastly, be sure to ask if the company has immediate access to the repair or replacement parts that your transformer may need. Various companies stock various parts or have access to various parts. You want to find a company who stocks or has quick access to the types of parts your power transformer may need, or you can find yourself waiting days for parts to be ordered and shipped.

Taking into account each of these factors prior to hiring a transformer field repair company will help you to find the power transformer repair and maintenance company that offers the services you need when you need them. Contact local companies today and begin asking questions that allow you to compare these factors and hone in on the repair company ideal for your business.