Know What Items You Can't Dispose Of With A Commercial Dumpster

Are you planning on renting a dumpster for your company through a waste management service? If so, know that you are not allowed to throw just anything away. There are some common rules regarding what can and cannot be disposed of in a dumpster. Keep these items in mind so that you do not make a mistake


Batteries are an item that definitely should not be disposed of, especially when you think of all the chemicals inside them that can get into the ground, harm the earth, and even pollute groundwater. You'll want to recycle these batteries in the appropriate place in your community since there is likely a place specifically designated to take old batteries. If you have a big battery, such as a car or boat battery, many auto parts stores will take them and dispose of them properly for you.


Planning on removing some construction materials in your building that you think have asbestos in them? This is a dangerous material that should never be thrown away in a dumpster. There are special disposal facilities across the country that can take asbestos, and require the material to be sealed in a specific way prior to dropping it off. Make sure you find that location near you and follow all drop-off procedures properly.


Know that there is a huge difference between oil-based paint and latex paint when it comes to how to dispose of it. Latex paint can actually be thrown away in the trash, while oil-based paint is a problem. Much like with other hazardous materials, there are places that will accept oil-based paint for disposal to ensure it is handled properly. Any paint store can likely help you find where to go in your area. 


Have old tires that you need to get rid of? Know that these are quite dangerous to the environment and should not be put into a dumpster. Not only do they take up a lot of space, but they can pollute the natural resources around the dump site. The easiest way to get rid of old tires is to take them to a tire shop, which will take them away for a small fee. If the tires are still in good condition, you could consider selling them as used tires and try to find a buyer. 

Reach out to a waste management service company to learn more about what should not go into a dumpster.